Feco-oral transmission between human beings

Invades brush border of the intestine

Causes blebs on luminal surface

Severe in AIDS patients, Self limiting diarrhea in immunocompetent patients

Rilakkuma iPhone 4/S Case Pre-Order


Available in Blue, Red, Black, Pink, Beige, White, and Brown. 

$8 each.


Ship to US and Canada.

Accept PayPal and Cash. 



So, I was going to wait until I hit 100 followers to do a Homestuck giveaway, but I decided to postpone that and start a Hetalia giveaway in (un?)honor of the 6-month dead period and the fact that I recently won a Hetalia giveaway. Giving back to that fandom, yknow.

Okay, so, these are all prints that I’ve bought or been given as gifts. I’m pretty sure that my friend just printed the Sex Instructors cards herself, though. I’d like to keep these and hang them on my walls and stuff, but I don’t think my parents would appreciate that ^_^’ So I’ll be giving them away to one lucky winner, who will win all seven of these prints!


  • Six 4x6in photo cards of the Sex Instructors: England, France, America, Romano, Russia, and Prussia
  •  One 11x17in poster of Prussia being all sexylike ;D


  • You don’t have to follow me, however…
  • Any of my followers who reblog/like this will automatically receive an extra entry ^_^ Since I was originally going to do a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers (but 91 is close enough xD)
  • ONE LIKE, AND ONE REBLOG PER BLOG (well, I guess you could reblog a billion times, if you really want to, but there’s a thing with tumblr that only let’s me see one like and one reblog per person, at the moment)
  • You must be comfortable giving me your address or another address where I can send it to!
  • I will only ship to the US! Sorry, international people, I can’t pay for extra shipping because I am a broke teenager.
  • Side blogs and gift blogs are okay! Only because of that one reblog thing up there. But I won’t count it if it’s like a blog that you made for the sole purpose of this!
  • Your Ask Box must be open, otherwise I can’t tell you if you won or not.
  • Winner will be randomly chosen with a number generator. 
  • ENDS AUGUST 10, 2012 at 11:59 PM CDT

Good luck, everyone! ^_^

(side note: I’m still running a kiriban for troll horns on my dA, too! [link])


its rukis glitter mobile
it had to be stated


its rukis glitter mobile

it had to be stated


me gusta
What faces do you use in cell phone messages?

Ruki : The sparkly one.

Happy Birthday, Ruki ♥

“Let’s REC”
- Ruki on twitter


Let’s REC

- Ruki on twitter